Bumble Bee Rd

January 5, 2019

An awesome day spent cleaning and greening up this hillside and surrounding area. Very special thanks to the Gambler 500 crew that came and help conquer this mountain of trash. We collected over 1500lbs of trash and shooting debris. It was a great experience and we have more planned for this winter.

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Here is our first GreenUp of the new year. Its Bumble Bee Rd from the highway to the bottom of the hill, where Maggie Mine Rd. runs into it. This seems to be the dumping point for people not wanting to haul their trash out. The date of the cleanup is Jan. 5, 2019.

From Phoenix go north on I-17  

Take exit 248 toward Bumble Bee/Crown King 

Go west on Bumble Bee Rd approx. 2 miles to the bottom of the hill. 

Site is where the paved road ends. 

N- 34 09.09.7 

W- 112 09.42.0