Recycling to the Fullest

Waste collected from a GreenUp site is recycled to the fullest extent possible.  We partner the proper recycling company for the various types of debris we’re collecting: Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Glass, etc.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Even when you’re cleaning up other people’s garbage.

Traditional Recyclables

Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Cardboard

Traditional recyclable items are sorted and sent to the corresponding recycling facility.


Bullets, Shells and Casings

  • Large caliber brass shell casings: Cleaned and sorted, those that can be resold for reloading are. The remainder is sold as scrap to recyclers.
  • Small diameter brass casings (.22 caliber) are collected and sold to recyclers.
  • Steel shell casings: Collected and sold to recyclers.
  • Shotgun shell hulls: Plastic is stripped off and saved until we can find a recycler. The metal is sold to recyclers.


Electronics and Appliances

Items are disassembled, separated and sent to electronics recyclers. We use recyclers that do not send their materials overseas for recycling.

The Rest….

All materials collected are recycled as much as possible. Unfortunately, the rest goes to landfill. We are always open to suggestions on ways to recycle and reuse the material we collect. The more we can recycle the better!

We keep totals of the materials collected. Money from recycling is used to help offset expenses, except for the money from ammunition sales which goes to fund scholarships at local colleges.

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