GreenUps Sites

We are always exploring and identifying new areas that need our help!  Check out our Map to see the sites we’ve already identified.

See a place that could use a cleanup?  Shoot us a message with the info!

Volunteer Coordinating

Do you already have a mighty team in place that’s looking for a project to work on?  Let us know!  We will be happy to set you up for a GreenUp of success!


We recycle all debris collected at GreenUp sites to the fullest extent possible.  See more about what goes where >>here<<.

Soil Testing and Remediation

We can treat contaminated areas either by removal or Phytoremediation.

Phytoremediation describes the treatment of environmental problems (bioremediation) through the use of plants that mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere.  More Info

Let’s work together!

Get in touch with us and let’s see how we can work together to GreenUp our local spaces.

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