Future GreenUp Sites

We’ve highlighted some future GreenUp sites.  Want to help?  Get in touch with us!

Bloody Basin

Bloody Basin is a two site project with a lot of boulders that need graffiti removal. 2 mattress skeletons and filling, and approximately 20 tires that have a special disposal fee.

We estimate we would either need a volunteer group of 10-15 people, …Read More

Crown King

In a burn area that is steep and rocky by an  old abandoned mine area. Parking difficult for more than 2 cars. Possible replanting area, in that case, manpower and costs will reflect new scope of work.

Location: I-17 N to Bumble Bee/ Crown King exit. …Read More

Lake Pleasant 1

Location:  I-17 north to Carefree/74 hwy. Go west towards Wickenburg, 7-8 miles past Castle Hot Springs Rd on left.

Special needs/challenges: Site appears to be abandoned. A lot of the trash and other materials are heavily degraded. A lot of glass and small objects. Time consuming

GreenUp: …Read More

Lake Pleasant 2

Location:  I-17 north to Carefree/74 hwy. Go west towards Wickenburg. Make right at first road past Castle Hot Springs Rd. I found this place while rock hounding.

2 areas close together, (near Lake Pleasant 1) contains a ton of trash. Will need a dumpster and percentage of recycled material will drop. Lots of trash  ….Read More


Salome /Hassayampa Hwy Area #1

Location: From Phoenix go west on I-10 to Miller Rd. Go north on Miller rd. to Salome/Hassayampa Hwy. It is a misnomer because this road is unpaved with a lot of washboards.

Special needs/challenges: This is a huge area with over 50 sites within this area. We will have to close certain parts of this area and ….Read More

Southern Pacific Trail

There are several shooting areas here that need clean up.  There is also a lot of trash from illegal dumping.

There must be … Read More

Sycamore Creek #1

Location: From Phoenix take Hwy 87 N towards Payson. Turn right at Sycamore Creek sign. Go west down fr502 site is approx. 1 mile on right side of road. Have to drive thru a lot of sandy washes.

Special needs/challenges: Large area, lots of large metal objects. Rocky, hilly area with lots of ….Read More

Table Mesa Road

This is a large site with 3 shooting areas within this site along with numerous washes filled with … Read More

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